Sony HDR & Android TV Overview


Get to know high dynamic range (hdr)
Realize a brighter and more realistic picture

High dynamic range (HDR) is a new way to encode, distribute and display video content with greater dynamic range and wider more intense colours. Watching movies and TV shows mastered in HDR will give customers a new viewing experience. The difference is not unlike looking at the Mona Lisa by candlelight, versus in daylight. HDR dramatically enhances colour as well as brightness and contrast.

Combine that better level of brightness with outstanding 4K resolution and you have a TV that’s unlike any you've ever seen. 4K resolution provides four times as many pixels for a level of detail that’s unmatched and the result is the most lifelike and realistic TV picture that’s ever been created with brilliant highlights and super-fine detail.

Powered by android tv
Search and stream
without limits

The brains inside Sony’s Android TV mean you have access to endless entertainment options, from movies, music, and games, to apps and even web surfing, all just as quickly as you could access it on your smartphone.

Finding content is easy with Voice Search capabilities loaded on the TV’s remote control. Voice Search means no tedious typing on a tiny virtual keyboard, or complicated multi-layered menus to navigate. Just tell your TV what you want and it will find it; it’s your own personal entertainment butler!

If you’ve been experimenting with home automation you’ll be happy to know you can control many of your smart home devices directly through the TV, thanks in part to compatibility with IoT or the Internet of Things. Whether it’s turning up the heat on a cold movie night, dimming some smart colour-changing lights to set an eerie mood for a scary flick, or even just controlling your Blu-ray player, it’s all adjustable through the TV.

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